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Convert Bitcoin to and from world currencies.


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This tool helps you to see in real time value of Bitcoin and also helps you to convert any amount to or from almost any currency of the world.
Bitcoin is a digital currency. The big advantage is that you can send or receive money to anyone via the internet with no midleman.
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You can easily use this tool to keep an eye on the Bitcoin price.
Using converter you can see how many bitcoins you can buy or how many cash you receive for your Bitcoin.
Enter number of bitcoin you have on the left field and see real time value on the right field. Also you can see how the value fluctuate over time.
You can convert in terms of smaller units like microbitcoins/bits (µBTC), millibitcoins (mBTC) or satoshi (SAT).
This tool currently supports over 65 currencies.

Value of Bitcoin is continuously gathered from top markets and exchanges using API, based on average on 24-hour trade volume.

Price of Bitcoin can be different from one exchange to another and this tool are designed for information purpose only, without any guarantee to be accurate from one minute to another.